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Comprehensive care for healthy and beautiful hair in three easy steps

Step 1

Deep and effective cleansing with shampoo or shampoo-peeling

Step 2

Active care with specialized paste or shampoo-paste

Step 3

Roots strengthening and hair growth stimulation with oil or cream

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is an excellent choice to make your hair healthy and beautiful

1. Comprehensive care in three easy steps.

2. The formula of SULSENA anti-dandruff products is created based on an active dermatological component – selenium disulfide (SeS2), which has a unique ability to affect directly the major reason for dandruff formation: yeast fungus Pityrosporum Ovale.

3. The product for roots strengthening and hair growth has an outstanding composition of natural ingredients, a 100% natural product.

4. Acid-base balance (pH) of the shampoos conforms to physiological acid-base balance (pH) of scalp.