Cosmetic set No. 2 SULSENA against dandruff / Peeling Shampoo, Paste 2%

Набір косметичний №2 СУЛЬСЕНА проти лупи/Шампунь-пілінг, Паста 2%

Cosmetic set No. 2 SULSENA against dandruff / Peeling Shampoo, Paste 2%

Volume: 150 ml + 75 ml
Kod EAN: 4823052202705
Age: 14+
Country of origin: Ukraine
Action: complex care against dandruff
Application time: universal
Gender: unisex
Classification: pharmacy, dermatocosmetics
Hair type: all types
Country TM: Ukraine


An integrated approach to solving the problems of dandruff and its consequences.

Anti-dandruff hair and scalp care products of the SULSENA series, created on the basis of an active dermatological component – selenium disulfide (SeS2), which has a unique ability to target the main cause of dandruff formation, will help to effectively and delicately solve the problem of dandruff and unpleasant itching. – yeast fungus Pityrosporum Ovale.


Deep cleansing – peeling shampoo SULSENA against dandruff

  • effectively eliminates sticky, hard-to-remove dandruff;
  • normalizes the lipid balance of the scalp;
  • inhibits the growth of yeast of the genus Pityrosporum Ovale, provoking the accumulation of more dead cells of the epidermis on the scalp;
  • creates a micro-massage effect, improving blood supply to the hair follicles, thanks to the soft polyethylene granules included in the shampoo;
  • washes out hair styling products ideally.


Active care – SULSENA paste 2% anti-dandruff scalp care product

  • normalizes the function of fat secretion of the scalp;
  • optimizes the amount of dandruff-causing yeast of the genus Pityrosporum Ovale;
  • eliminates destructive processes in the area of ​​hair growth;
  • restores the vital activity of the scalp skin cells;
  • helps to strengthen the hair root apparatus;
  • improves the tone of hair, gives it a healthy look, shine and elasticity.

The effectiveness of SULSENA anti-dandruff products has been clinically proven. Clinical studies to assess the effectiveness of the SULSENA trademark were carried out by the testing laboratory center of the State Enterprise Research Institute of MT RAMS. Conclusion dated 05 March 2008; LLC “SPC” CosmoProdTest “. Conclusion dated March 30, 2016
The entire series of anti-dandruff products of the SULSENA trademark have positive conclusions from the state sanitary and epidemiological examination of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


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